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What’s the Difference Between Serviced and Non-Serviced Apartments?

If you’re looking at city-based accommodation options, you might have found yourself pondering the difference between serviced and non-serviced apartments. Don’t assume there isn’t one, or that ‘serviced apartments’ is just some kind of marketing term. There’s a big difference between them, so we’ve broken everything down to help you understand what to expect.

Serviced Apartment vs. Non-Serviced Apartment

A non-serviced apartment is basically just a normal apartment that you rent over relatively short periods. They look just like a regular home, and they are often let directly by the owner rather than as a year-round business.

Serviced apartments are similar in that they have all the amenities you’d expect at home. As well as multiple rooms, a serviced apartment will provide a kitchen and usually a dishwasher, washing machine, and other desirable mod-cons. The difference is that you’ll have other amenities available, much as you would in a hotel. Essentially, there will be additional services on offer, hence ‘serviced apartment’.

What Services Can You Expect from a Serviced Apartment?

Not all serviced apartments are the same, but there are several services that you can generally expect from them, including:

  • Maintenace: Typically, you can expect housekeeping and maintenance services to be provided on a weekly basis when staying in serviced apartments. Many operators of such apartments collaborate with companies that specialize in green commercial cleaning services in Salem, OR (or equivalent services in other locations) to ensure that your stay is clean and hygienic. Additionally, in certain situations, operators may offer more frequent housekeeping services upon request.
  • Concierge Service: You’ll usually be greeted by a member of staff, provided with your key, and shown around the accommodation. A concierge can be contacted to provide assistance, such as directions around the city or recommendations for a good place to eat.
  • High-End Amenities: From fancy Nespresso coffee makers to refreshing power showers, a serviced apartment should provide amenities cut from a finer cloth than those in most non-serviced apartments.

What to Expect in Non-Serviced Apartments:

  • Independence: Non-serviced apartments grant you full autonomy, similar to renting a home. You’ll manage your space, cleaning, and daily activities independently.
  • Local Immersion: These apartments offer a deeper immersion into the local culture, allowing you to experience life as a resident rather than a tourist.
  • Minimal Services: While you’ll have essential amenities like kitchen facilities, non-serviced apartments typically lack the additional services and perks found in their serviced counterparts.

Non-Serviced Apartments vs. Serviced Apartments: Finding Your Fit

When choosing between non-serviced and serviced apartments, it’s essential to consider your travel style and preferences. Non-serviced apartments cater to those seeking independence, a deeper local experience, and minimal interference in their daily routine. On the other hand, serviced apartments provide a blend of residential comfort and hotel-like services, ideal for travelers who value convenience, and premium amenities. Many people prefer serviced apartments as they ensure the apartment’s upkeep when a new tenant moves in. They may also employ professional restoration or repair services, like ones you find at https://www.makegood.melbourne/ (or similar sites) for the apartment’s maintenance. All of these perks make serviced apartments a preferred choice for some people.

Final Thoughts

The choice between non-serviced and serviced apartments ultimately hinges on your individual requirements and the type of experience you seek. Whether you opt for the authentic independence of a non-serviced apartment or the pampered convenience of a serviced one, both options offer unique advantages that can enhance your travel experience. It’s all about finding the perfect fit for your journey and making your stay in a new city as enjoyable as possible.