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Starting a Travel Blog

Travel blogging is one of the best ways to reach a wider audience and let people know about your travelling adventures and aspirations. People love reading travel blogs, especially to find inspiration and learn about the destinations they want to go to.

So, it can be assumed that there is a growth opportunity for travel blogging. As a matter of fact, you may not even need to visit all the places that you would be writing about. You can just collect information about the location from the visitors or even the internet and reimagine it in your own words. All you need is a good home office equipped with a spacious desk (probably from office monster office monster) that can house your PC, monitor, etc, and also give you ample space to keep other work-related things. That being said, if you are serious about travel blogging, just like me, let me guide you on how to do it and get the best results as well.

Ready? Learn the basics with me.

The name is the game

To start with the operations, choose a name for your blog that defines you as a traveller. It should not hint the readers about any person or a company. Be real to your audience as taking advantage of some other popular name will never provide you a loyal fan base. A combination of attractive words can work wonders. In fact, it is better than a single-word name. Try to create a domain name that does not have hyphens or numbers in it. Such domains are hard to remember and at times you can miscommunicate your blog’s name.

Hosting matters

It’s as simple as renting space for your website on the internet. It’s like your internet home where people can visit you. If you do not have a huge financial backup do not try to splurge all your money into hosting. Cheap plans for beginners can always give you the right start as you just have to write stuff that matters. I suggest that you start small, regardless of the number of resources you have. You can spend money on marketing firms like Victorious and get the required traffic to your blogs. If it works, upgrade to a better hosting, but only when really needed.

Word Press is a life saver

Start with setting a WordPress account that is self-hosted. The software will run on the server of your hosting company and not the free WordPress account. This software is the best thing that has ever happened to bloggers. Its super easy and super effective and you can learn a lot about it from YouTube. You just have to spend an hour to understand how it works. Once done, you will be creating a blog that matches the industry standards.

Keep in mind that WordPress has a lot of free templates to choose from. But, in order to get noticed you will have to buy a premium theme. It is not necessary, but worth the price. By spending $25 to $80, you will be making dramatic changes to the way your blog looks. Premium themes are user friendly which gives you an extra edge on retaining your audience.

Use Plugins

They can help you in numerous ways depending on your needs. Most of them can be downloaded without a fee for making your blog extra secure and active. They can save you from spammers, optimise blog posts, make your blog mobile friendly, provide Google Sitemaps and Analytics.

These are the first few steps to starting your blog. Remember, blogging demands a lot of time and dedication. Therefore, be ready to put in the blood and sweat and you will also become a successful blogger.