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My Solo Travelling Experience

I have travelled with family, friends and even solo. Every time I travel, I get new experiences that I will cherish for a lifetime. It is very important to understand that travelling solo is completely different from travelling with family. It can either make you lose your confidence forever, or you will come back as a smart and more confident individual. Here are some takeaways from my solo travelling experiences.

Sometimes you will miss company

Actually, you will miss company on a lot of occasions. You may want to taste something amazing and might want to share it with someone. Find an awesome street to shop on and wish your friends and family were there with you to shop. Sometimes you have had too much to drink and you want someone to call a cab and carry you to your hotel room, laughing and narrating the whole incident the next day. You may also feel sad after seeing a couple kissing on the street and wish your partner had been here to engage in romantic activities. Though you can fulfil your desires by browsing sites like Tube v Sex and satisfying yourself with self-pleasure activities, some people will still miss companionship. It happens. You may miss people and that is a given. I have sometimes missed even non-existent people and relationships. It happens.

Hostels don’t have to be necessary

As a solo man travelling, I often get advice by people to stay in hostels, guest houses and bed & breakfast lodging. I like going there as well. I have met some of my best travelling buddies there. However, I don’t feel obligated to live there at all time. Sometimes, you need some personal space after a day of traveling. You need to take a long bath and relax after a long day. It isn’t always possible when you are living in a hostel. I would suggest to find a traditional lodging if you need. There is no harm in doing so.

Always keep cash handy

No matter where in the world you are travelling carry some cash with you. This is true for people who are moving a few miles away from home on a weekend getaway. Cash is important and you need it handy at all times. If you are traveling in a foreign land, keep their currency handy at all times. I usually keep a few US dollars and even more of the local currency in cash. It helps you a lot in tough situations, especially in case of emergencies. Stash some cash in your pocket for contingencies.

Don’t be shy

I have seen many solo travelers trying to move at their own pace, avoiding any kind of contact with other travelers or even locals. Some just depend entirely on their smartphones which guide them through places. Let me tell you something- no one knows a city like a local does. So, there is no harm in engaging in some casual conversation. In most of the places I have gone, people are very hospitable and they genuinely try to help you when you are stuck somewhere.

These were a few of my experiences from solo travel that I wanted to share with you all. Always remember, traveling solo is fun and you don’t have to beat yourself up for things or push yourself too far. Be friendly and just let yourself enjoy the trip.