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How To Be The Perfect Dinner Party Host

Throwing a party can be a lot of fun, and it’s always good to have people around you that you know and love having a good time. It can also be pretty stressful though, and that really does take the fun out of it. Here are some great ideas on how to be the perfect party host so that you can have as good a time as your guests.

Cook Tried And Tested Recipes

Your party is not the time to try out a new dish. If you want to try something that your guests won’t have had from you before, it’s wise to rehearse the entire thing a couple of times before the big day. The best bet, though, is to present something delicious that you’ve cooked many times before. There is far less chance for something to go wrong that way, and as long as it tastes good your friends won’t mind if they’ve had it before.

Plan Your Music

Music is something that should always accompany every dinner party. Think of all the restaurants you’ve visited. It’s likely that most of them played music throughout your meal. That’s because music fills in any awkward silences. It also makes people feel relaxed and comfortable. It shouldn’t be too loud or too quirky. Instead, think of classic tunes by well-known artists. Make sure the music is playing before your guests arrive as then they won’t feel as though they’ve got to you before you’re ready.


Having some icebreakers prepared for when the conversation starts to fall short is a great idea. No one wants to sit around a table (no matter how gorgeously presented) in total silence. It is especially useful when you are entertaining a group of people who have never met one another before, as it can be difficult to think of things to say. Make a list of icebreaker questions that you can call upon when you need to spark the conversation again. If you have trouble thinking of some, check out Fun Attic; there are plenty of ideas there.

Accept Help

Many party hosts make a big mistake when it comes to getting their party ready (or clearing away afterward); they don’t accept help. However, if you want to enjoy your party as much as everyone else, you need to get the fiddly bits out of the way as quickly as possible! You don’t have to do all of it by yourself, so make the best of the help you find. Instead of running out and buying everything including alcohol on your own, look for a service like this liquor delivery in Thornton that’s more local to you for quick alcohol deliveries. You can do the same with other party supplies, too. Once the party is in full swing, if someone offers to help you tidy away or serve the food, or even top up everyone’s drinks then accept their offer – it will help you, and it will make them feel right at home.

Don’t Worry About The Mess

A house can always be cleaned, so even if you’re itching to tidy up, leave it until your guests are gone if you can. You can manage the mess as you go by clearing the table and setting the dishwasher, but obsessively picking up glasses and bottles and clearing up around people can put them on edge. So do a little tidying as you mingle, but leave the big clean for another time.