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Offbeat Gems of Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is full of some beautiful, off the beaten road destinations that will take your breath away. If you have been to Southeast Asia before, you already know that it is nothing short of paradise. Why not check out some gems of this paradise that are not frequently visited by average tourists? Check out some of our favorites here.

Davao, Philippines

Davao is popular for its beautiful harvest celebration festival known as Kadayawan. You could also come here for an electronic dance music festival called Summer Frolic. The locals here are very hospitable and they might even love to make you a part of their festivities. You should also go to Sprawling Davao to witness some more natural beauty of this place, including a few interesting sights and friendly locals. It is located in the Mindanao Island in the southern parts of the country.

If you like hiking and witnessing the best of Filipino natural beauty, then you should be going to Mt. Hamiguitan. This is a UNESCO listed site that helps you hike to its peak at 1620 meters and see the most sprawling natural beauty of the country with a bird’s eye view. Another great place to witness a unique natural feature of Philippines is to visit the Sleeping Dinosaur. The shape of this island is very unique and you will see it best from the Barangay Badas peak.

If you are looking for offbeat beaches in this place, then you should go to the Davao Oriental. Moving just 20 km away from this place will bring you the most pristine beaches in Philippines, including the beautiful Pujada Island with its clear waters and white sand. If you want to surf instead of simply relaxing by the beachside, then opt for the Dahican Beach. Skim boarders love this place and you could love it too.

Dawei, Myanmar

Myanmar is probably the most unique of all Southeast Asian destinations. It has a vibrant culture, a rich history and destinations that will take your heart with just one look. If you have been to Andaman Islands in India or the Andaman coast in Myanmar, you probably know that this place is frequented by visitors a lot. However, for those seeking peace and tranquility, there is nothing better than Dawei. It is beautiful, clean and very serene.

This mangrove area is the home to a beautiful estuary region that gives you a unique beach-side experience. If you like the colonial charm, you will love the place even more. There are several colonial buildings in this region.

If you are lucky, you may get a chance to go to Moscos Islands, which is a wildlife sanctuary. You should also go to the Maungmakan beach or find some time to revel in the beauty of the Thanintharyi National Park.

Won’t you like to visit these places and experience what others haven’t? Dedicate one day of your holidays to discovering these amazing new places and surprise everyone with pictures nobody in your circles has ever seen before. Planning to travel here? Let me know in the comments below.