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Multi-country cycle tours: here are some must-do trips

Taking a long bike ride with friends, a riding group, or even by yourself can be a great experience. These long trips allow you to unwind and see the world while also getting in some great exercise. While taking a short trip through your town or city can be fun, another option to consider would be to take an extended trip that goes through multiple countries all at once. If you are thinking about taking a multi-country cycle tour, there are a variety of options to consider.


One country that can provide you with a great trip is China. This country is extremely vast and has a lot of different terrain for you to choose from. While there are some mountainous regions that give you great vantage points and views of the world below, it also has some long paths that go straight through the countryside. You can take a bike trip through some small villages that have been standing for hundreds of years or go through some of the most modern cities on the planet. No matter what kind of biking adventure you are looking for, you will be able to find something in China.

United States

Another great option to consider if you are going to take a long bike trip is to go to the United States. For those that are in Canada, the United States is an easy place to get to. In fact, if you live in cities such as Vancouver or Toronto, there are places where you can bike over the border as long as you have your passport. In the United States there are plenty of great public roadways and bike paths to choose from. For those that enjoy something more rugged, there are also a variety of paths that go through some mountainous regions.  For wine lovers, one very popular bike trip to take would be through the wine region in California. Not only is this a beautiful place to visit and bike through any time of the year, but it also has some great bike paths.


When you are looking to see a lot of different countries and cultures on one trip, going on a bike trip through Europe would be a great option. When you come to Europe, you can fly into a variety of cities including Berlin, Paris or Barcelona. No matter where you start, you can get to several different countries on a long trip. If you would like to take a trip to even more locales, you could take a variety of different trains that have storage space for your bike and other accessories.

No matter where you are going for your bike trip, it is important that you are fully prepared. A bike trip will require you to have a lot of different pieces of equipment and accessories. While it can be confusing to know exactly what you need, your local bike shop should help you get it all figured out.