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Men’s Essentials For Travelling

Men being men, we do not always care about all the stuff we would need on a journey. We have gone through nothing new to wear, buying cheap shades while travelling and even no toiletries. As we move around without caring, deep down inside we regret of having no solutions to our travel bag packing list. I know that some of us really don’t want to change but some are trying to be better. This blog is for the latter ones.

The initial steps

First and foremost, you have to decide the size of your backpack or travel bag. You have to sure about the days you will be travelling. Even if you are not sure about the exact number of days try to differentiate between ‘less’, ‘more’ and ‘forever’. Do not carry something that provides you less or extra value.

After choosing the right backpacks always go for underwear. This item is really important as unhygienic clothes can cause skin irritation and poor odour. This will hamper your fun of travelling while preventing new people to connect with you. Carry at least 3 pairs of Calvin in case you need to be fresh for a special date. You might also want to consider which shaving products you will need. You can distress you skin if you use cheap hotel products on your face. Take a look at Get Shave Advice for tips and tricks on how to decide what type of shaving products you might need when you’re away.

Avoid cotton socks as they are suckers of moisture and produce foul smell very quickly. It will make other clothes smell bad and you will be dammed for rest of the journey. Always carry 3 pairs of synthetic socks for travelling. In case of cold weather carry woollen socks as they will protect you from both cold and humiliation.

T-shirts and more

Do not make the mistakes I’ve made with t-shirts. Once I took my brand-new t-shirts to travel to Thailand and came back with nothing but torn, rugged and mud filled pieces of cloth. Carry light weight and used ups for your travel. They will not need extra attention to survive through the hard time and let you enjoy your journey with less responsibility.

Always pick single denim jeans for your travelling days. This type of cloth is made to sustain harsh conditions. If you would be visiting some finer places then a comfortable chino will do the job. They should have a good number of pockets to put your stuff. Also, carry two pairs of shorts for lazy outings and sleeping. One pair should be fashionable as these could be worn for meals out. Perhaps some cargo shorts would be ideal. To have a look for some that would suit you, visit Unionbay, for example. You’ll also need swimmer shorts if you will be getting into the water.

You should carry one hoodie to keep you warm. It also adds a layer to your clothing while keeping you warm. Remember, a sunny day does not guarantee a warm night. You should carry good quality trainers to save your feet from getting sores. If you would be travelling for a longer period of time carry another pair. Your travel kit should include shampoo, moisturiser, toothpaste, toothbrush, face towel and few other grooming products. Ex- a trimmer

Remind yourself of any other essential product specific to your need. Some people need medicines regularly and some have allergies. Take care of your health as nobody else cares (truly). Smart planning will give you smarter results.