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How to Keep Your Car Clean When Hiking

Carrying dirt, grime, and mud into your car is unavoidable after each hike. This can ruin your car seats and floor mats. Preparing well before your hike can help protect your car’s interior from the remnants of your hike.

Below are some useful tips on how to keep your car clean when hiking.

Protect the Body, Trunk and Car Seats

If you don’t want your car to be ruined by bird poop, monkey scratches, and tree sap dripping from overhanging branches, you should remember to park it in a safe spot. Covering it with a car cover — likely a disposable one, which tends to be perfect for short term cover — can also help to protect it from external elements.

Talking about the interiors, it is always best to prepare your trunk and car seats before your leave. Covering your trunk and seats with a stain-resistant, waterproof material can save you some cleaning time. Many car and trunk covers come in different sizes. They also have many straps to keep them in place.

These covers can prevent your car from being contaminated by mud and dirt. They can even prevent animal hair from sticking if you bring your pets with you on your hikes.

Leave Your Car and Rent One

You can leave your car at home and rent a car for your hiking trip. A BCD (Budget Consumer Discount) code can help you rent the car that you need. This code can give you discounts if you are a veteran, college student or an AARP member. You can use your budget coupon code to get a great deal on your booking.

Renting a car and leaving your car at home can save you time and effort. All you need to do is remember to return the rental car in good shape.

Have a Quick Wash and Rinse

Bottles of water you bring along on your hike should include water for washing and rinsing as well. This is a good idea, especially if the trail is muddy.

Leave some bottles of water in your car’s trunk before you go off on foot on your hike. You can then use the water later to wash and rinse off your shoes on a rubber mat before you get in your car. Doing the same to your dog’s paws can help keep your car mud-free.

Bring Wet Hand Towels

These are handy when some surfaces of your car get some mud on them. They can also come in handy for wiping off residual mud and dirt on shoes, paws ,or bags.

Bring Large Bath Towels

Sometimes, hiking can lead to a lake or an appealing body of water. You may decide to have a dip to refresh yourself after a long hike. Make sure you have dry bath towels in the car so you can remove excess water before you get in. This will prevent water damage on your seat covers and interiors.

Protect Your Car’s Carpet

You can get some transparent adhesive film and cover the carpet flooring of your car. This will prevent dust, dirt or mud from staining or getting into the fibers.

Bring Extra Clothes and Shoes

Changing your clothes and shoes before you enter the car can help keep your car clean. You can keep the extra clothes and shoes in the car. Place your dirty, muddy hiking outfits in a plastic bag to prevent them from scattering in the back seat.


Hiking can be more fulfilling when you go home in a clean car. The mentioned tips can help keep dirt, dead leaves, and mud from your car’s interior. You can also opt to rent a car for the hike and save yourself from cleaning. Sometimes, renting a car is a more practical move.