Every single place on our planet is unique. Let’s explore the magical diversity Mother Earth has to offer. I’m Frank Sparks and I’ll be your personal guide to the world of travel to show the best places to visit and the most wonderful landscapes to never forget.

About Frank

Welcome to the home of Leisure Knowledge. This is a travel website with a difference. With love for the architecture and landscape of every place I visit, leisureknowldege.com aims to move away from the more touristy aspects you find with other travel blogs, and seek to uncover those hidden treasures and best-kept secrets of the traveling world.

Before our journey commences, let me introduce myself and offer you a little insight into the creation of this website.

About Me

My name is Frank Sparks, and I am a Freelancer who just happens to have a passion for all things travel related! I hail from Atlanta, USA, one of the most populated and metropolitan areas in the state of Georgia. Many years ago, I decided to make the jump and work freelance. My expertise lies in creating and developing marketing campaigns, public relations and offering many other specialist services. However, when I realized that I could continue to perform such roles while freelancing, the more the wider world seemed to beckon to me.

Being freelance automatically meant that I needed to travel to get work. While this made me a little nervous at first, having never really strayed that far from the hustle and bustle of Atlanta, it was during my first business trip that I began to open my eyes to the beauty that existed far from the comforts of my own home. By the time I had amassed a couple of business trips under my belt, I had developed the traveling bug and couldn’t wait to work on more freelance projects further afield to satisfy this desire and craving to explore many more new cultures!

Why Leisure Knowledge was Created

Working predominately in the digital market, I have always been at ease online, and this got me thinking as I traveled, why not make a digital record of the stunning places which I was fortunate to visit during my business trips? With so many friends, family members and like-minded freelancers asking to see the many places I had traveled to, it made more sense to create my own blog, so that everybody, even those further afield could delight in the landscapes and scenery that I had captured.

Initially, I created the Leisure Knowledge blog for those closest to me, after all, I didn’t possibly believe that anyone else would benefit from the slightly different slant I took when showcasing my trips. You see, I am not one of those tourists who steps off the plane or boat and heads straight to the most well-known and widely visited attractions. In fact, I am anything but that type of person. I tend to move away from anything commercial and head to a remote place of beauty and find my own attractions.

I had no idea my types of travel adventures would relate to anyone other than close friends and family. How very wrong I was! It seemed that once word got around about my unique take on this travel blog, people began to visit in in the thousands. It appeared that I was capturing something unique that they couldn’t currently get from other travel blogs. They wanted to hear about places of interest that were yet to be discovered but, more importantly, they wanted to read about and find areas that were not however exploited by commercial tourism.

What Visitors Can Expect from Their Leisure Knowledge Journey

This is a travel website with a difference! Leisure Knowledge will take you to places you may not have heard much about in the press and media. This travel blog will explore those breath-taking landscapes, stunning architectural buildings, sightseeing tours and local cuisines all with a difference.

If it’s a journey unlike any other that you’re looking for, look no further than leisureknowledge.com. Let’s get started…

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