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Why Choose a Folding Mobility Scooter

I think you’ll agree that when it comes to buying something new, you want to choose a product that will be most beneficial to you.

When it comes to mobility, there is no exception.

In fact, mobility is an incredibly important aspect of our lives. When we choose the method to which we get around we want the most useful method to suit our needs.

With this in mind mobility companies have pioneered the folding mobility scooter. It features many adaptations that make your life easier.

Public Transport Friendly

Many people will use their mobility scooter to go further than their town, and if you don’t own a car the only option available to you is public transport.

Folding scooters tend to be powered by a battery and are compact to be the size of a small pushchair or a walking frame, both of which are common on trains, buses, and even planes. It might make the scooter even more portable for people with a disability to travel alone as well.

This means one can use their Portable Electric Scooter to get them from their home to the bus stop, and from the bus stop to the airport terminal. They even have the possibility to bring their scooter away on holiday with them.

Most even fold in a singular motion and then can be moved like a suitcase.

What could be better?

Storage of Your Scooter

The foldability of the device, makes storing it an easier task.

You can keep it in your garage or in your home without it taking up a load of space and then having it get in the way.

As mentioned before, folding scooters are so easy put away. But additionally some scooters have the ability to open themselves in a matter of 20 seconds, meaning you don’t have to have the hassle of trying to pull the thing open again; it does this automatically.

They Don’t Compromise on Battery or Power

Although the Folding Scooter seems more lightweight and the compact design makes it seem less powerful; you are not compromising much at all.

The folding scooters still reach the average of 4mp that most scooters can achieve, and they feature the same battery that the non-folding scooters feature.

In fact, your folding scooter may even last longer with its battery life due to its lightweight structure in comparison to the ‘classic’ style of mobility scooter which is much larger and heavier.