Every single place on our planet is unique. Let’s explore the magical diversity Mother Earth has to offer. I’m Frank Sparks and I’ll be your personal guide to the world of travel to show the best places to visit and the most wonderful landscapes to never forget.

Cheapest Destinations to Visit

If you are one of the 90% percent of people who do not have the luxury to spend millions on your travel, then this blog is just for you. Most people believe that traveling is just a hobby for the rich. Some people even think that traveling is restricted to younger people who do not have any work responsibilities. These are just wrong assumptions. Many people travel for work and work remotely so they can keep a job whilst going the places they want to, as long as they have a strong connection and use resources like the best vpn mac service for their computers, laptops, phones, etc. then they can make a good go of it.

I’ve personally felt that money is not the prime factor that drives our wish to travel.

There are plenty of destinations which allow you a fascinating budget travel experience. I’m a big fan of saving money while travelling as it lets you enjoy the real things in life, not the expensive four-course meal you ordered at a five-star restaurant. You can get that anywhere.

Here are some of my favourite budget travelling destinations.


It has been a popular destination for travellers due to the value it gives back in exchange of your hard-earned money. You can travel in the first-class compartments of trains with all the amenities one could ask for at very low prices. Taxis and other public transport systems will serve you without hurting your will to travel.

This does not mean that the place has nothing much to offer. With 29 states offering you food, culture, architecture and music of numerous forms, there is no reason to not visit India. The nation has deserts, snow-clad mountains, beautiful beaches, thick rainforests, and vast plain lands with millions of flora and fauna to appreciate.


The country is a heaven for budget travellers with very low costing hotels to stay and delicious food to taste at an ever-cheaper price. There is not a single traveller who has not lived like a king in Cambodia. The country is located in Southeast Asia and can be a regular travel destination for your holidays. You will get the most beautifully built resorts wit 5-star service without the heavy price tags.

You can visit the famous Angkor Wat Archaeological Park to change your perception of a pleasing sunrise forever. It’s a view you cannot miss if you are travelling along the country. Traveling to this World Heritage Site (UNESCO) will cost you only $37 for a full day. This place cannot be ignored, for you will become a part of a history commencing in the 9th century.

Dominican Republic

If you are an admirer of beach life without spending huge sums of money, then this place is tailored for your needs. Chilled beer, sea food and sun, these are the main aspects of this small island nation. It’s like holidaying in a movie set where everything is made to make you happy. The beaches are splendid and the people are one of a kind. You can live for $50 a day or can find even cheaper stays if you still want to save money. If interested, you could check here for more information about the country and its best accommodation facilities!

Traveling is a passion and passions don’t require money. At least that is what I believe. Let me know what you think about this in the comments below.