Every single place on our planet is unique. Let’s explore the magical diversity Mother Earth has to offer. I’m Frank Sparks and I’ll be your personal guide to the world of travel to show the best places to visit and the most wonderful landscapes to never forget.
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Travel News

Victims of the Road: Keeping Yourself Safe

Yes, traveling is fun. In fact, most people look forward to traveling as an enjoyable activity, particularly if leisure is the intent and the destination is somewhere that is a positive environment. But if you’re going to appreciate your travels, it has to be a priority that you keep

Best Weather Apps While Travelling

There was never a better time to trust weather apps than it is today. Unlike older times, weather forecast has become more than mere predictions. It’s been giving information that can save you a lot of time and effort but now the information is turning out to be true.

Travel Tips That Work

There is one thing you will always get before travelling – advice. This comes from every person you share your plans with. Be it your friends, colleagues, your boss or a random guy on the same flight. You are bound to get confused with so much information that is

Starting a Travel Blog

Travel blogging is one of the best ways to reach a wider audience and let people know about your travelling adventures and aspirations. People love reading travel blogs, especially to find inspiration and learn about the destinations they want to go to. So, it can be assumed that there