Every single place on our planet is unique. Let’s explore the magical diversity Mother Earth has to offer. I’m Frank Sparks and I’ll be your personal guide to the world of travel to show the best places to visit and the most wonderful landscapes to never forget.
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Why Transfer Your Number Plate When You Scrap Your Car?

Car scrappers are improving their ability to make the most of your car’s parts and materials, while the demand for such recycled resources is significantly improving. The upshot is that scrapping your vehicle now will probably put far more in your pocket than you might imagine, and almost certainly

Why Not Try Narrow Boating for Your Next Vacation?

If you are looking for that vacation with a difference, why not consider hiring a narrow boat for a week or two and hitting the British canal routes? With a stunning network of intricate canal paths, all looked after and cared for by the superb workers of the British

Which Type of Souvenir Traveler Are You?

When I first began traveling, I had this obsession with bringing back souvenirs galore on every trip I undertook. Not just souvenirs for myself but for anybody who I could think of on the list – family, friends, neighbors, the postman, you name it. Every city I graced, I

The Best Travel Opportunities in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a lesser known tropical gem, right in the Indian Ocean that is loved by people looking for an adventure filled holiday. However, it is also a perfect destination for people who are looking to explore the natural beauty of a small tropical island. Here are some

Sri Lankan Food That You Can’t Afford to Miss

Sri Lanka, the beautiful tear-drop shaped island in the Indian Ocean is one of a kind. An off-beat destination that brings you the best of tropical living, beautiful forests and classy beaches, Sri Lanka is also a paradise for those who love delicious food. Here are some dishes from

Offbeat Gems of Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is full of some beautiful, off the beaten road destinations that will take your breath away. If you have been to Southeast Asia before, you already know that it is nothing short of paradise. Why not check out some gems of this paradise that are not frequently

How to Plan Your Travel like a Pro

Whether you are taking off for a weekend vacation or planning to spend the next two weeks on an exotic land, good planning will always be helpful. While it is a worthy adventure to pack your bags and simply leave on an unplanned road trip, this isn’t where your

Travelling Alone Makes You Learn

You might have gotten an idea about this blog post from its heading. There are countless articles debating about the pros and cons of travelling alone. Some people share their experiences of solo travelling. Some share the life changing moments which made them a better person. There are surely

Men’s Essentials For Travelling

Men being men, we do not always care about all the stuff we would need on a journey. We have gone through nothing new to wear, buying cheap shades while travelling and even no toiletries. As we move around without caring, deep down inside we regret of having no

Best Weather Apps While Travelling

There was never a better time to trust weather apps than it is today. Unlike older times, weather forecast has become more than mere predictions. It’s been giving information that can save you a lot of time and effort but now the information is turning out to be true.